A Day Off

We had one day off in the two-week period and were given the choice to relax at camp or take a tour of Lamanai, one of the largest Maya cities in Belize and continuously occupied from about 1500 BC (maize cultivation) or 500 BC ( ceramic evidence) to the 1600s AD. I was able to see the three major pyramids on the site: The High Temple, The Jaguar Temple and the Mask Temple and climb the High Temple (about 30 meters high) before it started pouring. By lunchtime it had stopped raining and we had a delicious meal at a local lodge on the New River. There was a cooling breeze and it was the first time I felt “dry” since my arrival in Belize. It was a refreshing day off and a great opportunity to see another part of the country. Unfortunately, we also saw the “slash and burn” agriculture in process as a large acreage of tropical forest was smoldering and void of its trees as we drove by on our way back to camp.


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