From A Long Time Friend of the Family

Where does one start in remembering your dad. Scott and I went to school from kindergarten through high school. I’ve known your dad since I was able to comprehend. Consequently I knew your mom and you that long also. Your mother was a dedicated wife to your dad. Many times Scott had b-day parties, during grade school years, at the house. I remember always being greeted by your father in a warm and gentle way. He was happy and interested in talking, even when it was difficult for him to speak. In junior high years, I would go to your house and get Scott before going to a dance at the junior high. Your dad always wanted to see us before we left. A mutual desire. He would with his keen sense of humor and hidden, but very evident, smile make a comment referring to girls. I remember spending, one on one, time with him since Scott was never ready or on time. He used to discuss current events and what was happening in my life. In high school years, when Scott and I had our licenses, he always wanted to see us before we left. He had words of wisdom for whomever was driving. A kinder more gentle man, outside of my dad, I never knew. Be proud and be thankful that even with his obstacle he was a great father and example to follow.


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